Book-ish Christmas Tree

Decorating for Christmas is one of my favorite activities. I especially love putting ornaments up on the tree and reminiscing about travels and family activities.

Last year as a new home owner, I decided to add a little bit of extra holiday book-ish cheer to my new home. I purchased a set of 21 custom book cover ornaments from a lovely Etsy shop, Ink and Shrink Swag.

It was hard to narrow down my favorite books and also to select a little variety in the cover art. I appreciate that Kristina, the shop owner and artist, allows customers to send her images of specific covers for books with multiple options.

Friends and family who visited my home last year admired the book ornaments and wanted to purchase their own. However, Kristina closes her shop early in the season because of high demand. So if you are interested in purchasing your own custom book ornaments, make your selections quickly! Or be prepared to save this link until next Holiday season.

Here is a link to the exact item on Etsy. I opted for the jumbo size. The prices have increased a bit since I purchased them last year. But I think they are still a great investment for a book lover.

In addition to the custom book ornaments, I indulged in a few more bookish ornaments. These are also great gift ideas if the custom book ornaments (above) are not available.

I purchased an adorable little pillow-like ornament with a stack of books embroidered on the front. 

I ordered several clear glass ornaments filled with words from my favorite books. The vendor has a huge selection of ornaments to choose from. I opted for Moby Dick, Catcher in the Rye, and The Great Gatsby. These ornaments are almost like custom made because you can select a pre-made ornament with special meaning for the gift giver/receiver. The best part is that the inside of the ornament is filled with pages from books that were discarded or damaged and no longer suitable for reading. These ornaments give old books new life!

To fill in the tree a little bit, I added one of these paper rose balls. They are delicate and beautiful. The artist also has a variety of other paper flower art, like wreaths and garlands. Definitely worth taking a look at! Or if you are feeling especially crafty and patient, you might be able to give it a try creating your own.

Typewriters evoke a similar cozy, bookish feeling. I have one of these laser cut wood ornaments of a typewriter. An added bonus is that this ornament is very light.

Those are all of the ways I added extra holiday cheer to my home last year with book related decorations. Happy decorating and celebrating!

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