As the leaves change…

This past week I took the FSOT (Foreign Service Officer Test). This was the second time I have taken the test which is the first of many steps to be considered for employment at the Department of State. The first time I took the test was October 2012. I was still a senior at John Carroll. I did not really know what to expect the first time I took the test. I did not study much the first time, in part because I was busy with school commitments. After reading several different blogs on how to study for the test, this time I purchased a few apps in the iTunes App Store that are designed to help students prepare for AP exams. I used an app for AP US History and AP World History and found them to be very helpful.

IFall Leaves felt much more comfortable on the actual test day this time. I was very close to passing the test last time. However the way the hiring process works for the State Department, someone who barely passes the test probably won’t make it very far anyway and it is highly unlikely to be hired. Obivously I hope that I pass the test this time, but we’ll see!

When I was in Lebanon we met with officials from the embassy. Everyone I met there said they had taken the test multiple times, some up to eight times!

The one thing I realized quickly taking the test this time was a weakness of mine was writing the essay. It’s strange because I consider myself to be a good writer. I frequently write emails and reports for work. But writing essays like you do in school is not something that is found in the traditional working world. So moving forward, I am making a commitment to more blogging so that I can continue to improve this unique style of writing which is similar to short essays.

The photo is from a few weeks ago when I took the Megabus from DC to Pittsburgh. The blog title “As the leaves change…” symbolizes the change I am making by committing to blogging!

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