Jazz at the Sculpture Garden

Jazz NightTonight is wrapping up my first weekend living in DC. I couldn’t have planned a more perfect weekend.

Friday night I went with several of the roommates to Jazz at the Sculpture Garden. The concerts are completely free. There is a different artist each week, we heard the Speakers of the House. Lots of food trucks parked nearby and I picked up dinner there. I highly recommend anyone in the DC area for the summer to go check out this concert series.

After listening to Jazz and drinking lots of sangria, we headed out to the bars. We ended up starting the night at Nellie’s, a gay bar. This was surprisingly my first time at a gay bar. We later went to Local 16 which had a really nice rooftop patio, but reminded me of City and East on the inside (only JCU friends will know that gem!).

Saturday was an uneventful day.

serenafitSunday I woke up and did Serena Fit in the morning with four of the guys from the house. Serena was an awesome fitness instructor. She kicked our butts! Luckily I was able to stick it out the whole time… can’t say the same for all of the guys!

After Serena Fit, we stopped by the Bloomingdale Farmer’s Market where Ari was representing PureJoy. PureJoy is organic baby food. Right now they deliver locally to families in the DC area. While at the market, I stopped at a booth with some yummy looking samples. I found out that the booth was run by Joe Yonan, Washington Post food editor. He was selling his cookbook, “Eat Your Vegetables.” I was really excited since the subtitle is “Bold recipes for the single cook.” I’m always interested in cookbooks that are aimed towards smaller portion sizes so I don’t have tons of leftovers. The two samples that he provided were delicous, so I will try and recreate them soon.withrobin

Once we got back to the house, everyone showered and then a group of us went out again to Trader Joe’s. Every Sunday night we have family dinner so we picked up stuff for family dinner.

On my to do list for this week is to find a salon in DC so I can get my hair cut, preferably an Aveda salon. My next post I am going to write about the laundry service that Krash uses, don’t worry it’s actually pretty cool! 

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