Bike Tour of Cleveland

So this post is a little different than anything I’ve posted so far, but now that I’m back in Ohio my adventures have not ended! Last weekend my dad and I went on a bike tour of Cleveland with Bob’s Bike Tours. Special shout out to Melissa Zapata who actually told me about the LivingSocial deal for the tour.

Bob offers three different tours: Best Location in the Nation, Moses Cleveland, and the Historic Neighborhood tour. Best Location in the Nation is basically the highlights of Cleveland for those who are not from around here. Moses Cleveland is focused downtown, shorter and an easier bike ride than the other options.

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If you are from the area, I would recommend the Historic Neighborhood tour. We saw the highlights, but also learned some new interesting facts about our city and saw some more unique things off the beaten path.

The bike tours all meet across from Progressive Field, formerly Jacob’s Field, home to the Cleveland Indians. Bikes, helmets, and water are all provided. Also the bikes have a very small Velcro pouch in between the handlebars so you can put your keys, wallet, or camera inside.

Off we went on our bike tour, but we didn’t go very far before we stopped. Bob pointed out a special bench behind the Q. The bench has colorful food all around it, but if you didn’t know it was there you would certainly miss it. The bench commemorates the Central Market that was located on the land that is now occupied by the Q and Progressive field. I had no idea this market existed. I just love learning new things about Cleveland!

We biked on through East 4th (where Pickwick and Frolic, House of Blues, and the Corner Alley are located, among many others!) and stopped in the Arcade for a minute. We continued on to a parking deck next to City Hall, Willard Park and the Free Stamp. This parking deck provided some great views of the Cleveland Brown’s Stadium, the Great Lakes Science Center, and the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. We paid a visit to Public Square before leaving the East Side and saw the Soldiers and Sailors Monument.

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Crossing the Veteran’s Memorial Bridge (aka the Detroit Superior Bridge) was the most challenging part of the bike ride. So don’t worry, the bike ride was not exhausting. We toured around Ohio City (obviously stopped to see West Side Market and Great Lakes Brewery!) and Tremont and then went back across the Hope Memorial Bridge. I love the Guardians of Traffic on this bridge. I think they are such a unique feature to Cleveland.

Overall, I really enjoyed the bike tour and learned a lot of new facts about Cleveland. I would recommend the tour for locals as an enjoyable way to spend a beautiful day or if you have out of town friends or family visit it is a great way to see all the highlights of Cleveland.

Check out Bob’s website here to book your own tour:

And here’s an article I found with lots more information about many of the “icons” I named in my post: Cleveland Magazine – Iconic Cleveland

P.S. My summary of the tour left out some details, so if you decide to do the tour there will still be surprises for you! All along the tour Bob was sharing information and I was always learning new little tidbits about the highlights of Cleveland.

We were a little sweaty by the end of the tour!

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